Windshield Repair


“Oh no! I was just hit by a bullet!” Not likely a bullet but it may have sounded like one. A Stone chip can cause a lot of havace if you don’t act shortly after receiving it. Extreme temperature changes along with a flexing vehicle frame can cause a stone chip to spread in a mili second.

Every windshield is different, they have different curved and some even different thicknesses. This can make a big difference in the structure of the windshield. If your windshield isn’t repaired properly, it could compromise the integrity of roof in the case of an accident.

Try & Repair Before you Replace

If your stone chip damage can fit under a toonie then your chip is most likely able to be repaired. A repair only takes *40 minutes, a new windshield can take up to 3-4 hours. This makes a chip repair more convenient for you.

We always try our very best to make the chips as transparent as possible but every chip is different and so are the repairs. If you are ever unsatisfied or the crack spreads we give you credit for a new windshield installation.