Today at ACE, We had a customer come in and their passenger side floor was damp. We brought it in to do a water leak test on the windshield. There are a couple steps we take to test the potential of water entering through certain spots on the vehicle.

First, we start with a non invasive air test to check for leaks. We do an air test to see if the windshield has any issues with the original installation. I have seen other technicians shortcut job’s, rust perforated through the pinchweld, and the factory robot miss pinch welds all together.

Secondly, we tested the sunroof to find there was a blockage in the sunroof draining system. We try to carefully clear the tubes to not to let the water spill anywhere in the vehicle or disturb the friction fit tubes. Sometimes that does not clear the blockage so the headliner may need to be dropped and the tubes removed completely in order to clear them out.

After completing the 2 air tests, and cleared the debris stuck in the tubes. Now we double check everything for the blockage, now the water seems to run right out the front fenders. We had the vehicle back on the road and leak free the same day!!

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