Service Windshield


ACE Auto Glass received a call for mobile service to do an excavator out in Petrolia Township. This job was to clean/remove old glass and to install the new OEM tempered glass. They had a well lit Driveshead we could get the tractor inside if it was raining out.

There are two main sections of an excavator; there is undercarriage and the house where all the glass surrounds the operator. ACE was working on the windshield on the house which can be flat safety glass or tempered glass that ends up being scattered everywhere when broken. We had to safely remove the shattered glass from the pinch weld. We had our Vacuum in the van so we cleaned through the house to attempt to get all the loose glass.

Then we can start with the replacement of the supplied windshield OEM windshield. The client had pre-ordered the new windshield from the dealership and had it delivered to his shop. The client at this Petrolia farm came out and was very pleased and surprised with the job a local company did!

Service Windshield


We had a busy customer that was working in Sarnia that owned a Volkswagen Jetta call in. We were asked if we had a mobile service and where pleased to offer it. There are a couple things to keep in mind when we are booking mobile work.

First, it can’t be raining out! That one is pretty obvious, but the contamination from the rain may affect the way the glue cures after the installation. Second, it can’t get below 0ºC before the safe drive away time. The glue must remain above freezing for the cure time or the glue may not stick from the moisture caused by the reaction. Both reasons can normally be solved buy doing the job inside. One of my most important reasoning for completing the work in house is, it’s easier to try and repair or fix any sort of rust found during the installation with all our tools in the shop.

Once everything is inspected and authorized we head out with our mobile van. Hear we are just double checking the fit of our machine before we start to lay the adhesive. Once we start laying adhesive we only have 7 minutes before it starts to skin over and loose strength in our humid environment. Once the windshield has been installed, it takes 1 hour for our adhesive to safely cure and can be driven away.



We had a gentlemen with an older Mercury Grand Marquis stop buy with a driver door window problem. We brought it in to take a closer look and figure out his problem. Upon further inspection of the window regulators, one was making a crunching noise and the other was no longer operational. We took both of the door panels off to further diagnose the problem. Unfortunately as i assumed the cables had all bunched up in the one cogwheel and bound themselves together.

That was the popping noise we were hearing while the window was moving up and down. The photo above shows the wire that’s all bound up in the cogwheel housing. I put some supports in the door panel to hold the glass from falling down into the door panel or worse until we could get the new parts. We ordered new regulators assemblies and had them installed the very next day.