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As a professional technician I have seen a lot of poor preparations and installations in multiple cities across Ontario. Being trained by one of the largest companies and working with some other awesome technicians, I take what I’ve learned and seen seriously. We have come across and fixed allot of poor installations that other company’s don’t want to warranty. They would have the installation times figured down to the minute, but we would never take any shortcuts while doing the job in our shop then.

Most don’t understand the importance of how the windshield effects the safety of your vehicle. The glass and the glue combined together with the rigid pinchweld can make up to 30% of the structure of the roof. If a technician skips or simply forgets a step it could damage the vehicle, cause leak, or even be life altering for the occupants. The passenger side air bag also uses the windshield to deploy off of in a crash, with a deployment range between 7.5 to 13.2¬†g’s. I have seen and fixed a couple installations from abroad over the last couple years.

If your vehicle in leaking, it could be causing more damage to it then you think. Other than the obvious signs like your floor being wet or your cup holder or lights are filling up with water causing rust to start on the inside. It can also be sneaking behind an A pillar and running down to your electrical circuitry and fuse panel. I have also seen rust build up to a point on your pinchweld that it can cause your windshield to bend and actually crack.

So we have customers ask if the we get cheap glass, our supplier gets glass that has passed certifications for product quality so it is safe to drive on Canadian highways. In my opinion the installation procedures are way more important to the quality of installation. We guarantee all our workmanship, so if there is over a problem you just bring it back in and our technicians will diagnose the problem.

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