Service Windshield


Motorbike windscreens are often made of high-impact acrylic plastic that can be molded into shape. They can be installed on a detachable frame that can be removed depending on the use and season. Over time they can get dings and scratches from road sand blasting or just use. New OEM replacements are available from any local bike shop, but if your looking to have a little extra protection you can have one custom made.

We use an uncoated polycarbonate called Lexan and it has a tensile strength of about 9000~9500 PSI and an impact strength of 225~300 ft-lbs/in². Glass also has about 5000~1200 PSI depending on how the glass has been heat treated. It is also thermoformable so we can give it a slight memory once its bent to shape with a little help from heat, but it can also become brittle after being exposed to over 200°F.

NF-2000 is one of the products made by Mitsubishi Gas Chem used buy a variety of motorcycle manufactures and its tensile strength is between 8500~1000 PSI and can be affected negatively after being exposed to temperatures over 200°F as well.

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