Service Windshield


ACE Auto Glass received a call for mobile service to do an excavator out in Petrolia Township. This job was to clean/remove old glass and to install the new OEM tempered glass. They had a well lit Driveshead we could get the tractor inside if it was raining out.

There are two main sections of an excavator; there is undercarriage and the house where all the glass surrounds the operator. ACE was working on the windshield on the house which can be flat safety glass or tempered glass that ends up being scattered everywhere when broken. We had to safely remove the shattered glass from the pinch weld. We had our Vacuum in the van so we cleaned through the house to attempt to get all the loose glass.

Then we can start with the replacement of the supplied windshield OEM windshield. The client had pre-ordered the new windshield from the dealership and had it delivered to his shop. The client at this Petrolia farm came out and was very pleased and surprised with the job a local company did!

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