Service Windshield


A customer called with a telehandler that was in need of a new door window. The original glass was tempered and was flat but it had holes cut in it for the hinges & handle. This was private machine so they don’t need to pass any safety inspection that requires AS1, AS2, or Tempered Glass tag’s to be present. We decided to use the product called Lexan since it has great tensile & impact strength like some glass, and can be less costly then a new piece of OEM tempered glass from the dealer.

The customer dropped the door that needed to be fixed off at the shop for us to do. We cleaned all the old glass off, and bend the frame slightly to make it straighter. We had to make an original template of the door for close measurements. Trace the new template and cut the new piece out of Lexan then drilled the necessary holes to emulate the past window.

After installation we delivered the door to the site and installed it back onto the original equipment. We were pleased with the job since it was a perfect fit considering the frame was warped. The job was able to be booked and installed all in the same day.

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