Service Upholstery


We had a customer come in with a pretty beat up headliner. The edges were starting to fall, it was starting to discolor, with water marks near the front ‘A’ pillars. So it was time for a new fresh look in the old truck. We ordered a yard of closely matching material to save from ordering OEM that was more costly. We ended up finding a color that matched some of the accents in the vehicle.

Classic cars can become very tedious removing all the brittle trim without marking or snapping the old plastic. Aswell Some headliners require a window to be removed in order not to crease or fold the fragile shell. After it has been removed we had to take off the old material and rub off the old foam carefully not to wreck the original shell.

This particular job is half of the normal labour time because it’s smaller, has less attachments, and it was easier to remove from the truck. A couple of hours labour to remove, then cleaned and attached the new material. Once we get the headliner reinstalled back into the customer’s vehicle we need to go through it and clean up all the debris that had fallen from removing it.